Rev. Milan and Sarah Batinich


Milan_weddingMilan2Some things are worth the wait, Milan and Sarah Batinich, is one of those precious things. Back in 2006, when looking for a couple to help with Youth, Pastor and Sister Davis interviewed this couple from Prairie, Wisconsin.  The timing wasn’t quite right, but in 2013, they moved to DeKalb, to be a part of the ministry team. Milan, 30, is licensed with the United Pentecostal Church, and is a go getter.  He and Sarah are involved in many key areas including Sunday School, Youth Ministry, Outreach Ministry, and leading our Shabbona House church.

Milan is employed as a lead regional manager with Andrews Staffing, LLC in Schaumburg, IL.  Out of 100’s of offices across the country,  his team was Number 1 in Sales in December 2014. Sarah, employed by a local Day Care Firm, is a talented singer, photographer, and Sunday School Teacher. Bro. Batinich was originally born in Indiana, and moved as a young man to Wisconsin, where he married the love of his life.  Sarah has family that have been involved in ministry since she was young girl and is the perfect complement to Milan.  We consider this tremendous couple a gift from God. They have woven themselves into the hearts and saints of DeKalb.