answersAm I Ready For Eternity?

God has devised a plan for men from the beginning of the world. That includes you! Wrapped in love, God’s plan was unveiled to the world in the person of Jesus Christ. Through Jesus’ ministry, teaching, and miracles, we become acquainted with God’s love dealing with men. The greatest show of God’s love was that Christ died for us.

It was not necessary that Jesus die – for the very thing that sentences us to death, sin, was not found in His life. Why did God allow His only son, Jesus Christ, to suffer the cruel death of crucifixion if there was no sin in Christ’s life? The answer is Jesus Christ died for US! He took the punishment for our sin so we can be free from the guilt and punishment which we deserve.

To take advantage of God’s plan of love, we have to follow the steps as laid out in the Bible. This Bible study points out what God’s plan for the Christian life and salvation is.

Prayerfully consider this study and allow the Spirit of God to lead you. Tradition, hearsay, and private imagination will not lead to God or His kingdom. To have Christ as a relevant part of our lives we must take His Word as being the truth.

We strongly suggest that you start with the first lesson to lay a foundation for the following studies. Before you start each division of study, pray that God will guide you. Read the questions and scripture references carefully. We hope that this will help you in your search for the truth of God’s plan for you.

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Lesson 1: Why do I Need a Savior?

Lesson 2: Repentance

Lesson 3: Baptism

Lesson 4: Holy Spirit Baptism

Lesson 5: The Bible