Pastor Greg W. Davis

Pastor Greg W. Davis and Family, Wife Julia, and two children, Dawn and Haley
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Julie_greg1Graduating from Apostolic Bible Institute in 1984,  with a BA in Apostolic Ministry, he served as Youth Pastor/Assistant in Walkerton, IN. Transferring to Ottawa, IL, in 1986, Pastor and Sis. Davis served as Youth Pastor, Teachers in preschool and School, Sunday School Staff, and District Youth Work until moving to DeKalb in November of 1992.  After completing his Accounting Degree (BA, College of St. Francis) in 1993, Pastor Davis received his CPA in May of 1995. He is currently also employed with Mason Properties as a Controller. In 2003, Pastor Davis, along with John and Sharon Saponari, purchased a Jackson Hewitt personal tax franchise.  Currently, they have 9 offices, over 3,000 clients, and five territories. They are the largest tax e-filing firm in DeKalb. He became a published author in 2018 with his book on devotions, Photogems. He also serves as the Section 11 Reporter for Illinois District news which publishes quarterly.

Pastor Davis is involved in Children’s camps, Growth conferences, as well as other meetings. In the past, he  administered the Junior Bible Quizzing Program for the Sunday School Division for 20 years, and serves as the local Save Our Children Peanut Day Committee for DeKalb.

His wife, Julia (Julie)  Davis serves to co-ordinate so many ministries of the church. She plays the organ regularly in our services, teaches Sunday School, directs the Ladies’ Ministry, administrates as the Church Secretary, and completes various tasks and duties.  She received her BA in Apostolic Studies, ABI, 1984, graduating along with her husband..  She has completed additional college classroom courses in Childhood Development. She has taught a variety of ages in preschool and Day Care. She is graduated with  an 4.0 in Early Childhood Education in 2016. She is employed as a librarian with the local School District since 2017.

FamilyIn 1999, their family expanded with the addition of Dawn and Haley.  Currently, Dawn (25) is a  Manager at a Local Steak and Shake, loves video games, puzzles, and painting.  She is also employed at the local Steak and Shake as a Server. DawnHaley, (19) is a Senior who loves playing with puzzles, playing the piano, horseback riding, and playing internet games.

Together, they form a hard working team that makes family ministry work in DeKalb.